Daniel, our patent holder, had the idea to create devices to assist and protect an individual while installing fasteners in 2011.  After briefly attempting to find companies interested in his idea, he patented his ideas and ultimately received a utility patent in 2014.  During this time Daniel was in the U.S. Navy and struggling with health issues.  After multiple surgeries and being diagnosed with a chronic disabling condition, he was retired from the U.S. Navy after 15 years of service.  


Drew and Daniel are both Engineers who graduated from Old Dominion University and were both members of the American Society of Civil Engineers. They became good friends as they were teammates on the ODU ASCE Steel Bridge Competition team.  Drew spent a visit to Daniel’s home this past year  and learned of this conceptual idea that Daniel referred to as the "Safety Nailer."  Daniel offered Drew the opportunity to pursue the development of the product and brand.   

Shortly after Drew accepted the challenge, Safety Nailer LLC was created and development of the first product commenced.  Drew, the President of Safety Nailer LLC, has led the Engineering effort in the first model of SAETY NAILER TM.  Kristen, Daniel’s wife, has a B.S. in Business from Old Dominion University and is dedicated to fulfilling the company's commitments.  Daniel, the patent holder, has helped when he is able and is excited to see one of his ideas move forward.  The Safety Nailer team is collectively excited and eager to produce high-end reliable tools and create a reputable lasting brand.